The research on fathering is indisputable: Fathers have a crucial role to play in the cognitive, social, and emotional development of their children.  An involved father is one who is engaged, available, and responsible.  A positively engaged father is sensitive and
supportive, nurturing and affectionate, and comforting and accepting.

Finding Cain provides faith based individual and group support sessions that utilize a research-based curriculum from the Nurturing Fathers Initiative. Participants are also provided a spectrum of services through participation in the Legendary Legacies
Organizations Mentoring Program, Legacy Builders.

Once a Finding Cain Participant agrees to join the program, they are provided the full support of Legendary Legacies, including:

 Leadership Development
 Cultural History
 Emotional Intelligence Training
 Service Referrals
 Counseling
 Mentoring
 Life Skills
 Financial Literacy Training
 Spiritual Formation
 Therapeutic Support
 Parenting Skills

They specifically are provided with 12, two-hour sessions following Nurturing Fathers Initiative, a Research Based Nationally Recognized Curriculum.

The Nurturing Fathers Program is an evidence-based program, which is included in the SAMHSA National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices. The Nurturing Father Program has shown to increase the parental attitudes and behaviors of young men in all five constructs and
overall scores of the Adult Adolescent Parenting Inventory.

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